The Team

A professional translation team that will support your business to grow.

We have something to suit every business

Sema4 Team is growing seamlessly across borders. We have built a strong team of professional translators, experienced interpreters, lecturers and language experts. We effectively deliver expert language and cultural support as well as advice to our national and international clients on business, industrial, technical, scientific, or other projects.

Our team of international trade linguists and talented localisation and cultural trainers are here to help your business grow seamlessly across borders too.

SEMA4 is not limited to the translation of linguistic content, but includes a variety of other activities related to cultural differences such us the meaning of symbols and colours, numeric formats, calendars, currency, date and time formats.

Our team understands the nuances of language, and make the message sound natural to native speakers, ensuring clarity to all its visitors, whatever country they are from.



Our Specialist team

Iwona Lebiedowicz
Founder and CEO

Ruta Rubina
Head of Operations

Agnieszka Zebracka
Head of Quality

Monika Przybyszewska
Chief Financial Officer

Lelde Plesa
Business Development

Virga Steponoviciene
Project Management

Jacob Xu
Project Management

Agne Canderyte
Brand Champion

Kristina Golobiewska 
Project Management

Magdalena Drzewiecka
Project Management

Erika Singh
Project Management

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